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Beauty Victimized

1. Please submit 6 pictures (b&w is opt) no larger than 600 x 800 pixels to tm.judges2@gmail.com (attachments, please).
2. Take pictures in an area that fits the theme. Think about your props, hair/make-up, and setting.
3. Remember, you're a victim.
4. Headshots only.  If you submit a full body shot, I will hurt you.
5. Take risks.
6. Don't overdo things.  Although you're a victim, you still need to look beautiful. 
7. Be creative and innovative.
8. If you want your pictures edited, submit them atleast 24 hours before the deadline, and specify what it is you'd like to have done (If you do not tell us what you want to have done to your pictures, they will be left as they are).
9. Test shots are due by 11 pm EASTERN STANDARD time on Friday, October 19th.
10. Photoshoots are due by 6:30 pm, EASTERN STANDARD time on Tuesday, October 30th.
11. Melissa has 1 extension left.  Danielle and Kolie still have 3.

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