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Body Beautiful - The Judge's Court

About Body Beautiful

Previous Entry Body Beautiful Mar. 21st, 2009 @ 05:46 pm Next Entry
1. Please submit 8 pictures (b&w is opt) no larger than 600 x 800 pixels to tm.judges2@gmail.com (attachments, please).
2. Take pictures in an area that fits the theme. Think about your props, hair/make-up, and setting.
3. This is an outdoor shoot, so pray that it doesn't rain, snow, hail, or have chunks of the sky fall while you're shooting.
4. No headshots. Pictures should be of your entire body.
5. Take risks, and step outside of the box. Don't be afraid of your body.
6. Remember to look comfortable. You're one with nature.
7. Be creative and innovative, and IMPRESS the hell out of the judges. This is one of your last opportunities to do so.
8. If you want your pictures edited, submit them atleast 24 hours before the deadline, and specify what it is you'd like to have done.
9. Test shots are due by 11 pm EASTERN STANDARD time on Wednesday, March 25th.
10. Photoshoots are due by 8:00 pm, EASTERN STANDARD time on Sunday, March 29th.
11. If you can at all avoid asking for an extension, please do so.
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